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"The first day I stepped into Shawnda’s studio several years ago, I knew I was in the right place and I looked forward to my lessons each week even though it was a 4-hour round trip drive to her studio. Her dedication to see me succeed at my goals went far beyond my scheduled lessons. Not only did Shawnda teach me how to become a better artist, she mentored me in every aspect of the music business and encouraged me to follow my dreams and she continues to support me to this day. I would tell any artist who wants to rise to a higher level of success at their craft that they should work with Shawnda. Simply put, she is the best!"
Chris Colston
Texas Country/Red Dirt Singer-Songwriter
Lindale, TX
"There is nothing greater for me as a performer than having talented musicians join me on stage. I have always found that it makes me as a performer push harder to be the very best that I can be. The 'Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Band' pushes me harder than any group of players and singers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They really and truly are an amazing group of good friends who just happen to be the best at making music."
TG Sheppard
T.G. Sheppard
Country Music Legend
Nashville, TN
"In my eyes, Shawnda is a true master of the arts. Before and during my time on Season 4 The Voice on Team Blake Shelton, she essentially became my vocal mentor, teacher, encourager, and close friend. After the show, she has still remained a person I know I can trust with any questions or advice. Under her, I learned more vocal control, better stage presence, confidence, poise, and so much more. One of my struggles has always been second guessing myself on stage, and by teaching me to trust my instincts and believe in myself, she was able to help me get past that. I will never have enough good things to say about Shawnda, and her current and future students have a great deal to look forward to in working with her."
Holly Tucker
Holly Tucker
Texas Country Singer-Songwriter, NBC's "The Voice"
Waco, TX
After the first few lessons with Mrs. Rains my singing was at a different level that I couldn’t have gotten to without her!
Kolby Cooper
Kolby Cooper
Texas/Red Dirt Singer-Songwriter
Montalla, TX
When I was thirteen years old, I joined the Shawnda Rains Entertainment Group family. And my life has not been the same since. Over the past five years working with Shawnda, I have grown beyond expectation as an artist. Shawnda is not only my vocal coach, she’s my mentor, role model, second mom and one of my biggest cheerleaders. She has helped me to find my true voice, developed my self-confidence and provided opportunities for me to become the best performer I could be. As I start this next journey in my life as a music artist, I know that Shawnda will always be there for me no matter what I need. The Shawnda Rains Entertainment Group isn’t just a studio, it’s a family, and I’m so blessed to be part of such an amazing family.
Bailey Rae
Singer – Songwriter
Roberta, OK
Shawnda is the absolute best Vocal Coach I have ever worked with. I have worked with several vocal coaches from being on The Voice, American Idol and Real Country Tv shows and they all helped me but Shawnda has been and always will be my go-to person for vocal/breathing/performance and even life lessons. She is one of my biggest inspirations and I could have never even made it on those tv shows or even where I am in my music career today without her. I have used her for just regular vocal lessons, stage performance lessons, special lessons for when I was going to be auditioning for tv shows where she helped me pick the PERFECT songs to audition with which helped me make Top 100 on The Voice and Top 150 on American Idol and then in 2019 I was Top 14 and was picked to be on Shania Twain's team on the tv show Real Country! No matter what age you are if you're 5, 25 or even 55 she can help you with whatever you need. Any goals you have for yourself, she can help you achieve them. Her honesty and experience in this business is truly one of a kind. You will not be disappointed.
Billie Jo
Billie Jo
Texas Country Singer- Songwriter, USA Network’s “Real Country”
Grand Saline, TX
Shawnda Rains is an amazing vocal coach, stage coach, and person. She has helped me immensely on getting vocal control as well as singing a healthy way. Without her I wouldn't be able to do what I love.
kadie Lynn
Kadie Lynn
Singer-Songwriter, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”
Kemp, TX
I met Shawnda when I was 15 years old and became her first private vocal student. I had been taking voice lessons previously but wanted to focus on singing country music and Shawnda had been strongly recommended. We connected immediately and things started to move ahead for me quickly. I began performing on Shawnda’s shows and then at local Oprys. Shawnda helped me develop not only as a singer, but as an overall performer.Working with her studio, I had so many great opportunities to perform that I would never have experienced otherwise, including a local televised vocal competition, singing at Six Flags Holiday in the Park, the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, and performing in Branson and Nashville. Working with Charlie was also a huge part of my experience at the studio. Whether it was in guitar lessons, song writing sessions, or just laughing to the point of tears at one of his famously entertaining jokes or stories, there was never a dull moment! Charlie gave me the nickname “Songbird”, and he still calls me that almost 10 years later. There is no bigger fan or supporter that a performer could ask for than Charlie. More important than that, however, is that Shawnda, Charlie, Makenzie and Lexi have all become part of our extended family. With Shawnda and Charlie’s coaching and guidance, several exciting opportunities opened up for me professionally. I had the honor of winning the John Ritter Showcase in Carthage, TX, which is part of the annual Texas Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2017. In 2017, I also successfully auditioned for The Voice in New Orleans and continued the auditioning process in Los Angeles with the executives of the show. I had the opportunity to open for Sammy Kershaw and Joe Diffie during the 2015 CMA festivities in Dallas, and I felt so blessed to have Shawnda and Charlie in my band that night. In addition to singing, I also wanted to pursue opportunities in the fashion industry. After a great deal of hard work, I was fortunate to be signed by both The Campbell Agency in Dallas and Major Models in Miami, FL. I know without a doubt that the confidence and stage presence I developed during my time at Shawnda Rains Studio is a major factor in the success I have achieved in my modeling career so far. I could never thank them enough for all the encouragement, training, experience, and fun that I had as part of the studio family!
Tiffany Taylor
Professional Model & Performing Artist
McKinney, TX
I’ve been fortunate to perform with a lot of bands in my career. But until I worked with Shawnda Rains and the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame Band...I honestly never knew what I was missing. They are THE most professional and talented group of musicians I’ve ever worked with. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can relax and enjoy the art of performing just by knowing that this amazing band is so well rehearsed and prepared. The entire group have now progressed from excellent band to forever family to both me and my husband, and for that I’m forever grateful.
Kelly Lang
Award Winning Singer-Songwriter
Nashville, TN
When I first met Shawnda when I was 9 years old, I didn't know how much she was going to impact my life and my family's life! In three short years she has given me so many opportunities to perform and to grow as an artist that some people wait a lifetime to get! Not only has she helped me develop my voice, but she's also developed me as an artist, songwriter, and musician by providing piano, guitar, ukulele, and stage presence classes--even songwriting lessons! She's also helped me with my confidence on and off the stage too! I’ve had the opportunity to travel, sing in shows all over Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee! She’s also a good role model, and has taught me by example on how a performer is supposed to act on and off the stage. She’s also helped me remember that God gives us our talents, and it’s up to us to work hard and share what He has blessed us with. Like I said earlier, Shawnda has only been in my life for three short years, but I can't imagine my life without her and her studio in it. It's my home away from home! Performing is something I'm very passionate about, and I'm looking forward to many more years of strengthening my talents and developing as an artist under her guidance. Thank you, Shawnda, for EVERYTHING!
Mary Clare
Mary Clare
12 year old Country Pop Performing Artist
Sherman, TX
“Mrs. Shawnda Rains completely changed my life in music. I had gone through so many vocal coaches until i found her. She taught me the best way and healthiest way to sing without changing my style. Her personality makes you feel comfort immediately and all the other students make you feel apart of the family as well. Her tips and tricks should be known by many!”
Erin Grand
Minneapolis, MN & Nashville, TN
“There is no better studio to call home than Shawnda Rains Studios. Five years ago, I never imagined I would become the performer I am today. I struggled with confidence, second guessing myself and the fear of being alone on stage. Shawnda brought out the true performer in me and without her my life would be totally different. Being her student, I’ve not only learned vocal control and stage presence but skills to be able to book my own shows, have confidence in myself and teamwork. As a member of the studio you aren’t just a student you become a part of the family. She impacts so many lives daily with not only her knowledge but her passion for music and performing.”
Callie Mikal
Callie Mikal
Country Music Performing Artist
Durant, OK
I’ve been taking lessons with Shawnda since I was 7 years old. Since the day I started vocal lessons, my voice has improved a lot. I have always loved the environment at the studio. I even received my nickname “noisy” on the first day I ever sang for Shawnda. I’ve gone from a little girl screaming high notes to singing high notes without a problem. Shawnda always encourages everyone at the studio to do their best and to believe in themselves. Every year we go on a tour which is another great opportunity Shawnda gave us. We always get nervous before each show! Shawnda always manages to make all the fear go away by just saying one saying, “I love you moon and stars”. Shawnda has impacted my life in so many ways, honestly, I wouldn’t be the singer I am today without her. I will never forget all the memories from the studio and can’t wait for the new ones.
Nicole Fuentes
Nicole Fuentes
12 year old Country Pop Performing Artist
Sherman, TX
When we started our daughters with Shawnda several years ago, they were shy and nervous about singing for anyone but us. Shawnda boosted them up with confidence and their seeds of talent have blossomed into the most confident performers! We are blown away by their progress and have felt so much joy watching them perform regularly on multiple stages. Shawnda and her team are so positive and always teaching not only music but also to be kind and lift up others. I cannot emphasize enough how happy we are about this wonderful studio and the experiences for our family!
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Ben and Dori Hill
Parents of Emmaline, Brooklyn, & Reese
Denison, TX
At Shawnda Rains Studios, you feel like family. Shawnda Rains gives her students so many unique opportunities to perform, learn, and grow. My daughter has grown and developed musically because of the excellent vocal training she has received. She has also been given opportunities to sing, dance, and fiddle all over the U.S. with live bands and great crowds. We are so very grateful for Shawnda Rains Entertainment Group and all the selfless dedication and love they provide to their performers.
Mike and Kim Courtright
Parents of Kira Courtright
Denison, TX
While working with Shawnda, she not only helped me with vocal technique, but taught me how to choose songs for my voice. I loved my time in her studio!!
Macy Dot
Macy Dot, Singer-Songwriter
Austin, TX
If you’re looking for talent, experience, and family all rolled into one, Shawnda Rains Studio is the place! They provide both instruction and performance opportunities. You grow as a person while perfecting your skill. 10 out of 10 for Shawnda and the crew!!
Courtney Jackson
Director Miss Plano-Frisco America Scholarship Organization
There are moments in life when you are made aware of true blessings - Shawnda Rains Studio is just that! This family is so cool! If you are looking for the best of the best- this is it! Shawnda’s amazing talent and career are only exceeded by her heart and humility!
Tammy Moss
Director Miss Plano-Frisco America Scholarship Organization
I discovered Shawnda Rains Studios through social media three years ago while looking for voice lessons for one of our daughters. After observing the impact Shawnda Rains made on Mary Clare in such a short amount of time, I realized this was a comprehensive music studio that all three of our daughters to be a part of. Not only does Shawnda and her team help our daughters discover and hone their talents, but she gives them opportunities to share their talents in places we never dreamed our girls would perform! Most importantly, she unknowingly helps reinforce the virtues and values that we are trying to instill in them at home—humility, modesty, poise, and patience. The confidence and positive influence they have bestowed on all three of our girls to help them become successful and independent young ladies is priceless. It truly does take a village to raise a child, and we’re eternally thankful for Shawnda Rains Studios for being a significant part of our daughter’s lives, but ours as well.
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Stephanie Foley
Mother to Kate, Mary Clare, & Bess Foley
Back when we had no idea what we were doing, we were pointed toward a gal named Shawnda. We knew nothing about her, and she knew nothing about us. But, in the moment we began working with her, not only did we become friends, but she helped guide us through to better vocal technique and gave us the foundation that we needed as we started our journey. She was our greatest critic and our biggest fan – all to help get us where we wanted to be. She not only helped us with vocals, but with our stage presence. Six years ago, we had never sung in front of people, most of us couldn’t sing harmony, we had no idea what “technique” was, and we couldn’t play instruments. Honestly, we didn’t know if we even had what it takes to do what we are now doing. Six albums later… we are singing on the top stages in our industry, are working with the top producer in our genre, and have just been invited to sing on the main stage at the largest Christian music event in the history of the United States and Shawnda was a huge part of this journey! We want to give a huge shout out to Shawnda and say “Thank you” for being willing to work with our crazy unusual group! We love you!
The McNeills
Southern Gospel Group
Bonham, Texas